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What the Christian-Friendly Products logo initiative is all about. As a registered non-profit organisation (116-717 NPO , SARS Ref.9905330156), we at Christian-Friendly Products aim to mobilize the Christian community at large to join hands with us by supporting products carrying our label/logo. As a Christian-based organisation, we hope to offer an unique substitute to the Halal label. We want to give Christian consumers the peace of mind that as a Christian non-profit organization the funds generated by the use of our label will go for the support of other approved non-profit Christian organisations. Through this new alternative to the current Halal label, Christians will now have a choice between products that support the Islamic Sharia Law for our country or one standing against that. Given the nature of non-profit organisations, our aim is to be transparent to our supporters.


Why not the use of Halal-certified products?

Halaal foods are those products that carry the Halal label. The fees that producers have to pay for the use of the Halal label filter through to all consumers, not just the intended Muslim minority (which make up about only 2% of the population). In effect, Christian consumers are paying royalties to organisations such as the Muslim Judicial Council, NIHT (National Independent Halal Trust), S.A.N.H.A (South African National Halal Authority), ICSA (Islamic Council of South Africa) and Halal South Africa which is some of the more well known governing bodies of Halal labeling in South Africa. The question many believers ask, is how many mosques they have inadvertently funded over the years by buying products carrying the Halal label. Even though Christians are not bound to rituals or rules in regard to food consumption, thanks to their freedom in Christ, many Christians have a problem with the use of Halal-certified products, due to the fact that these products are dedicated to Allah through prayer before it is distributed to the consumer. This dedication through prayer to Allah (the name of the Muslim god, which is not recognized as the same as the Christian God) is seen as food sacrificed to idols according to the Bible. Again, we acknowledge that we are permitted to even consume food sacrificed to idols if it does not affect another’s faith. We believe that many Christians, given the choice, would be more comfortable consuming products that have not been dedicated thus. With the coming of Christian-Friendly Products logo, an alternative has become available.

What is the benefit for the suppliers that support our initiative?

Due to the Christian majority who would support this initiative, the financial benefits would increase for suppliers stocking products that carry our registered trademark. Such products would have the benefit of free advertising on this site. For Christian businesses, the benefits of using our low cost alternative to halal is the creation of an alternative trade market for Christian and non-Christian companies that are currently forced into the halal trade in order to sell their product. Thus protecting our Christian values and culture.


What is the benefit for the consumer?

For the Christian consumer a few benefits exist: Firstly, the peace of mind that their support would not aid the expansion of Islam in our country. A second benefit is that an alternative non-halal trade market would strengthen Christian businesses to employ who they see fit and are not forced to employ Muslims as is currently the case with some halal companies. Companies herewith can employ as they see fit without any religious profiling. A third benefit is that since no dedication through prayer is permitted over food items before distribution a peace of mind is created for those that prefer un-dedicated food. This allows Christians – or members of any other religion – to dedicate their own food through prayer before consumption, whatever their practice may be.

How can the consumer be part of our initiative?

Since we are a new company and most of the market is still controlled by the Halal label, the products carrying our label would not be so accessible to all the consumers at the onset. Consumers have a big part to play in the success of this initiative. If enough people ask for a product not offered by their local supermarket, that supermarket would try and find the product that their customers want. With a 98% non-Muslim population – the majority of them Christian – it is important to acknowledge the strength in numbers. This can be a great project for Churches, since they will ultimately benefit from it as can be seen on our page labeled "Opportunities". We invite all suppliers to allow us to help them market their products by displaying their location and contact details, and posting pictures of their products carrying our label on this website. Please also join our group on Facebook to show suppliers the growing number of people who support this initiative. Please be our voice and inform your local store of our contact details as well as posting which can be found on this website.

Below is a short video clip taken from a longer video that shows something about the Australian halaal struggle. Please visit this site: http://islam4infidels.com/proof-halal-funds-terrorism/ to watch the full video.

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